The Choice of Bushman (2014)

San Francisco (2014), at one of the most popular site, Fisherman’s wharf, there are a BUSH MAN waiting for the moment to surprise you.
I was first trapped by a Bush man, named Franky. I wan on the phone talking to my friend’s asking where I should eat at Fisherman’s wharf, and then Franky just popped out from the bush.. I screamed and jumped and did’t know where to land..
Later I decided to be right behind of Franky and see how other people reacts. Some people get really surprised, some people get angry,

and some people give money for his peekaboo..
Franky makes $40 per day,

“I used to earn more, the economy is just not good now .” said Franky.
Francky is a professional bush man, has been working for over 30 years. 
He is 55 years old and lives at homeless shelter. 
He has been doing this business since he was 25 years old.
On the other day, when I came to see Franky, I met a different bush man, David, Both of them say they are the original.
“There used to be three of us, but one just passed way this year” David said.
Be surprised, and laugh or get angry or perhaps be a bush man to surprise people, 
It’s all up to you..

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